Tote Bags made with Cotton Canvas

We are one of leading manufacturer of Tote Bags made with eco friendly Cotton Canvas fabrics. We have multiple colour and GSM of fabric is available which helps to fulfil the client requirements and budgets.

Tote bags are a softer cotton canvas material that’s also hand and machine-washable. Design and structure of the tote bags allows them to carry multiple items. These bags are used by women and men for their daily uses because they are trendy and more fashionable.

We are manufacturing large range of Tote Bags which are adopted by corporate for their promotional activities by display their company’s name and logo. Tote bags are easy to design and available with low prices for promotional activities.

Tote bags are reusable carry bags for men and women are designed to last for ages, however when it’s eventually time to say goodbye, these  bags easily break down in landfills because these are totally biodegradable. 

Tote bags are environmentally friendly, stylish, and affordable. People use them to replace their grocery bags / plastic bags. 

#PlasticFreeIndia #WeSupportRecycling #LetsBreathEarth 

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