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Recycling is not an only a process to convert the waste into reusable products but it have bigger prospective effect on Environment, Society and Economy. In present scenario Global Warming is a major issue for survival of human and other species on earth. If we analysis the current scenario we are found every year environment give us many surprises, so many changes due to CLIMATE CHANGE- a change in global or regional or geographical climate patterns. Many countries are facing Global warming impacts; millions of people are suffering with climate change issues. Still in India awareness about Waste Recycling is very low. When Green-O-Tech India had put its first step in this sector in the year of 2010 there was no such service provider available in the market because people were not much aware about waste recycling and its impact on environment. On 9th Sep 2017 Green-O-Tech India had received “Skoch Swachh Bharat Award 2017” in recognition of our valuable contribution for society and environment through ‘Waste Paper, Plastic and Wood Recycling’ services.

With the mission of converting waste to wealth Green-O-Tech India was introduced by Mr. Prashant Rana (Founder & CEO) in the year of 2010. Mr. Prashant Rana was awarded with “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders- Global Listing 2017” for his outstanding contribution and excellence achieved in the domain of waste management and recycling services across India. This award was acknowledged Mr. Prashant Rana’s vibrant and proactive role in the Paper and Wood recycling domain. His contribution to motive and get involve people in his green initiative of converting waste to wealth is unforgettable.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) selected Green-O-Tech India in “Indian Core Group” for assisting development of paper recycling in Asian countries.

As small initiative stated in 2010 with a mission of “One Step towards Waste to Wealth”. After 8 years more than 500 Govt. organisations, Corporate, Educational Institutions and Individuals are supporting this waste to wealth initiative. In 2010 Green-O-Tech India introduce unique service models for recycling of Waste Paper. As per our service model we collect waste paper and get recycled the same into daily uses Recycle Stationery Products like Files, Copier Paper, Note Pads/ Book, Pens etc. They are offering these Recycle stationery products free of cost to their clients. Along with that recycling of every 100 Kg waste paper Green-O-Tech India planting a TREE free of cost for their client’s “Green Initiative”.

In 2014 Green-O-Tech India has entered in the Waste Wood & Plastic Recycling sector and become one of leading service provider for waste wood & plastic recycling.

  1. Get recycled more than 126000 Tons Waste Paper.
  2. Get recycled 40000 Tons plus Waste Wood.
  3. Get recycled more than 8000 Tons Waste Plastic.
  4. Planted more than 150000 Trees on behalf of our clients for their green initiative.
  5. Serving more than 500 clients.
  6. Everyday collection of Waste Paper is 5000-6000 Kg from our clients.
  7. Everyday 5500-6000 kg Waste Wood picked from industries.

Green-O-Tech India is register with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for providing services of waste management and recycling to corporate and industries.

Presently more than 115 school, colleges and universities are associates and supporting our green initiative of waste paper recycling in New Delhi & NCR. Many of them get their school stationery manufacture from us under their green initiative or CSR activities. Our major achievement is we had motivated many of students to associate with our green initiative. 32 different school and college students groups are associated with Green-O-Tech India for waste paper recycling against that they are taking school note books, paper pencils, copies etc from Green-O-Tech India which they are donate in slum/ poor kids. These groups of students created a great example for all of us and young generation for involving with environment.

Every one of us is generating pollution directly or indirectly so now it’s our duty to contribute for environment through small- small initiative which we can take easy and waste paper, plastic & wood recycling initiative is one of them, which anyone can adopt easily. Through adopting Green-O-Tech India initiative, we helps to recycle your waste and through recycling of your waste you will put huge impact on environment through saving Carbon Emissions, Water from Pollution, Save Electricity, Save Trees, Generate Livelihoods Etc.

What make us unique?

We collect waste paper and Recyclethe same and convert into stationary products and these stationary we offer to our client free of cost along with that we plant one TREE on recycling of every 100kg waste paper for their green initiative adopted through Green-O-Tech India.

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