Waste Wood Recycling

There are so many reasons for Wood Recycling but the major reason of recycling is world approaching closer to global warming. Uses of fresh wood increase in Industries day by day for different use like paper industry use fresh wood for making pulp, plywood Industry is using fresh wood for making plywood and transport industry is using the same for carrying stuff and major use of fresh wood is in making wood pallets, wooden crate, wooden box etc.

As we are growing economy and industrialization in India growing very fast on yearly bases more than 3.5 billion pallets are made each year and about 15 billion pallets (Approximately) are in use across the country by organized and unorganized sectors. Plywood and furniture industry is growing day by day in India from last few years, this industry has annual growth rate of 30%. The Wood, Plywood, Furniture & other wood Products Industry is one of the key sectors having huge potential for gaining from these developments as India is one of the major wood-users in the Asia pacific region.

Green-O-Tech India had done a survey over 100 industries from the sector of Manufacturing, Automobile, Paint, Tools, Printing etc and we found there are billions of tons of waste wood available in industries. This wood is 100% fresh wood which was used for wooden pallet, wooden crate, wooden box etc. In general practices these industries are selling the same to local scrap dealers and they further sell it to furniture market, brick sector, boiler plants etc. These wastes are normally used as fuel for brick making and partly also for cooking. At medium or large establishments some of the wastes, like: dry sawdust and chips, are being used as fuel for wood drying process. We found more the 45% wood used for burning in replace of coal because it is cheaper for then and easily available in market. Some quantity of waste wood was also supplied to plywood industry but that is on very lower side. Generally plywood industry is not interested to us waste wood as raw material, they us fresh wood for manufacturing door, ply, penal etc.

In 2014 Green-O-Tech India enter in the wood recycling sector and become one of leading service provider for waste wood recycling. Green-O-Tech India is helping industries to get their waste wood recycled. We collect or purchase waste wood for clients and get it segregated as per quality and size of wood in our warehouses then get is converted in to artificial wood or plywood through our green partners.

Indian industry which produced billions of tons packing wood out of that 70% wood move for burning, if they start to work on the same it will be a huge impact on environment. Many countries like Australia, New Zealand etc doing a great working in the sector of waste wood recycling and converting the same into plywood or artificial wood.

Recycling of wood is not only beneficial for environment but also cost effective for wood industry. It helps to save trees and help to clean the environment.

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