Environment Workshop Services - Environment Awareness Programs

Green-O-Tech India inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. We imagine a country where every community is a Clean, Green and Beautiful place to live.

We provide Environment Awareness Programs for creating awareness about the Environment in Education Institutes, Society, Corporate, Govt. Organizations etc. Green-O-Tech India offers Environment Awareness Programs to all lifelong learners – educators, school children, adults, families, and youth groups – to support an environmentally well-educated community in India.

Green-O-Tech India more focused on Schools with Environment Awareness Programs because students are highly motivated and we want to builds a future of Well-educated Consumers and Recyclers by modeling behavior to an age where they are most likely adopt new behaviors for Life.

The motive of Green-O-Tech India’s Environment Awareness Programs is to joint hand with Education Institutes, Society, Corporate, Govt. Organizations to start create awareness with kids & individuals about current Environmental Challenges. Teach them about the small – small initiative which they will take to contribute for Mother Earth.

Environment Awareness Programs Objective:

  1. Educate all about Environmental Challenges.
  2. Provide opportunity for all to be actively involved at all levels working towards resolution of environment problems.
  3. Educate all to involve with Nature through adopting small Environmental Friendly Initiatives.
  4. Providing all with an Environmental Education which help them to become Environmental Citizens.
  5. Nurturing a respect for Nature and all Living things.
  6. Raising up the new generation in highly well-educated Green Work Force.
  7. Get involved all in Waste Recycling and Management.
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