Frequently asked questions

  • What is Green-O-Tech India™ ‘Paper Recycling Initiative’?

  • Our aim is to convert “Waste into Wealth” through waste paper recycling. We help our green initiators to manage their waste with very unique way along with that we engaged them to contribute for environment. With adopting waste paper recycling initiative we all can contribute for making our earth greener by saving trees. Green-O-Tech India™ offering best solution for managing waste paper and at that same time we are putting impact on environment directly through planting & saving Trees.

  • What is Green-O-Tech India™ ‘Service Model’ for waste paper recycling?

  • The service model which we are offering to our clients makes us unique in whole Waste Management industry in World. We collect waste paper and recycle the same into daily uses stationery products like Files, Note Pads/ Book, Pens, Pencil, Copier Paper etc. and offer free stationery to our clients. Along with that recycling of every 100 Kg waste paper we are planting a TREE for our client free of cost for their green initiative.

  • What kind of waste paper Green-O-Tech India™ recycled?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ get recycled all type of waste paper like White Office Paper, Shredded White Paper (Long & Medium Strips), Old Records, Notebook, Magazines, Brochures, Newspaper, Corrugated Board/Cartoon Boxes etc. The paper like Old Files (cobra & index files), Plastic Laminated Paper, Stickers, Shredded White Paper (in Small Strips) is not recyclable through Green-O-Tech India™.

  • What kind of stationery products Green-O-Tech India™ is offering and how better they are in quality compared to other products?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ offering high quality stationery products which are made with recycled paper. Green-O-Tech India™ offering 35 nos. of different type of daily uses stationery products like Files, Note Pads, Diaries, Note Books, Copier Paper, Pens, Pencils etc. Green-O-Tech India™ have a unique range of recycle stationery product, which are developed with a best combination in user and environment friendly.

  • How often we ask Green-O-Tech India™ for pick the waste paper from our office/ sits?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ have service models as per the requirement of client to pick waste stuff from their site on daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly base but we need a minimum quantity of waste in a lot to match our operational cost.

  • What we (client/green initiator) are going to ‘Contribute for Environment’ by adopting waste paper recycling?

  • Waste paper recycling is putting direct impact on environment through saving hug nos. of Trees. With Recycling of 1 ton paper we can save following:

    1. Save 17 full grow Trees
    2. 3000 liters fresh water.
    3. Save 4,100 kilowatt-hours (15gj) of electricity.
    4. Three years of cooking fuel for one village family.
    5. Save 74% air pollution.
  • Are we getting the stationery of same value as per the price scrap vendor offers?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ offering stationery products of same value whatever generally scrap vendor offer price in market. But if we calculate the complete benefits of services including Tree plantations, Waste Recycling & other services Green-O-Tech India™ offers high then a Scrap vendor. Even in few places our value of stationery may be lower than the prices offers by scrap vendor but these rates are manipulated by scrap vendor on the bases of weight.

    As per the survey we had done on 100 plus different companies in the sector of Manufacturing, Automobile, Textile, Engineering, Real Estate, Paints, etc.; we found in 90% industries scrap vendor are doing manipulation in quantity of waste during weighing their scrap.

  • What kinds of ‘Other Waste Recycling Services’ Green-O-Tech India™ offering?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ are providing unique service models for:

    • Waste Plastic Recycling
    • Waste Wooden Recycling
    • Waste Metals Recycling
    • Waste Paper Recycling

    We reduce operation cost of client for managing ‘Scrap Yard’ through “Waste Management Team” and help to increase the utilization of Landfill Space by organizing the Scrap Yard & timely Pickups of Waste Scrap.

  • What are the ‘Major Three Benefits’ we will get by associating or adopting with Green-O-Tech India™?

    1. For corporate Green-O-Tech India™ offering a unique service model for waste paper recycling which reduced their stationery cost by 20% to 25%.
    2. For industries Green-O-Tech Indiaä increase profitability up to 5%-8% by following:
      1. Managing the scrap yard which reduce client operation cost,
      2. Reducing the wastage at Scrap Yard,
      3. Develop unique Mechanism for waste pickup which improve storage capacity,
      4. Put 100% control on all type of manipulation in quantity/ rates of waste.
    3. Though planting Trees on behalf of our clients/ green initiators we engaged them directly or indirectly to contribute for environment.
  • How Green-O-Tech India™ differ then other Scrap Vendors? Or How we make difference?

  • Green-O-Tech India™ is an upcoming Environmental & Waste Recycling Company, with a mission of converting ‘Waste into Wealth’. We are a team of professionals who are customizing solution of Waste Recycling and Management. One hand we are offering best solution for waste recycling and at that same time we are putting hug impact on environment directly through saving Trees, CO2, Electricity, Water etc.

    1. Green-O-Tech India™ helping to build ‘Operation Mechanism’ on scrap yard by deploying regular Waste Management Team (WMT).
    2. WMT manage whole activities and develop ‘Transparent Mechanism’ for waste pickup & weighing.
    3. WMT build up strong and timely ‘Pickup Operation Chains’ which help to improve the waste collecting and reduce the impact on the productions & operations.
    4. WMT improve Storage Capacity, Outlook of Scrap Yard, & reduce Wastage at Scrap Yard.
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