Green O Tech is one of the leading manufacturer of recycled paper pencil. Our experts have achieved this expertise by spending many years in R&D with technical development in machinery under well-equipped infrastructure facility. We ensure you to provide high quality paper pencil which is available in variety of ranges for schools, offices, colleges and many other sectors where writing is required without harming our trees. As we know that pencil is made from recycled paper and not from wood. You will definitely like our paper pencil as it is more advantageous than wood pencils.It comes with low cost and no breakage quality when you sharpen it and while writing. Our pencil passes through various quality control stages which provides you wonderful experience and unique features.

We At Green O Tech are the best recycle paper pencil manufacturer in India and we have brought Eco recycled paper pencil, to you. We aim to manufacture the high quality paper pencil to set new benchmark in the industry and get appreciation from our customers worldwide. Any company can contact us to supply our products as we source the best quality of raw material.

What Are the Benefits of Using Recycles Paper Pencils?

We are using the technically modified & developed machinery to manufacture the paper pencil. A piece of recycled paper is tightly wrapped around the graphite without leaving any gap or trapped air inside the pencil to give you best experience while using such good quality pencils. A specially formulated adhesive is used which binds the paper together which is as hard as wood. In case you drop it, the centered graphite will not break due to high shock absorption capacity of paper which is a soft material than wood which is comparatively brittle. You will not find the presence of flaky, broken graphite in our pencils and we can ensure you that our ECO’S paper pencils generally last longer than ordinary wood pencils. You can easily sharpen our pencils that last longer than wooden pencils. This will save your time money and most importantly the earth’s precious natural resources.

Why You Should Buy Paper Pencil?

You must buy paper pencil as approx. 90k trees are cut down every year to produce wood based pencils around the world. The main reason of heavy deforestation is wooden pencils which is giving harm and damage to the environment and disturbing our natural resources as well. We can make a small change by purchasing green o tech paper pencil as it is the best recycle paper pencil manufacturer in Delhi.

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